GTFI’s technical expertise

Fire protective products  :

  • Reactive coating  for fire protection of steel elements
  • Intumescent varnish and paints for wood
  • Industrially applied fire retardants for solid timber and wood based panels
  • Rendering intended for concrets and fire resisting applications
  • Fire protective board, slab and mat products and kits
  • Fire prevention penetration products for cables and pipes
  • Fire penetration seals and linear joint seals
  •  Fire stopping walls and ceilings
  • Fire stopping ducts
  • Flame retardant products
  • Insulation products
  • Textile materials classified in reaction of fire

GTFI’s technical skills

Fire passive protection companies manufacture, market, install products and systems where fire security is essentiel :

  • construction,
  • decoration materials,
  • furniture manufacture,
  • transportation,
  • protection equipements and materials,
  • toys.