•  To be the expert voice on behalf of passive fire professionals; to participate in the development of new techniques and improved materials against fire; and to promote professionals involved in fire safety,
  •  to advise official government organisations and to participate in the regulation process,
  •  to help its Members apply industry standards and understand complex legislation in order to adapt and improve their fire protection products and materials, and thus gain a competitive advantage,
  •  to promote relationships with official laboratories and research centres involved with fire technology; and to establish links with companies dealing with fire protection products and materials,
  • To publish industry best practice rules and processes in order to maintain the highest fire prevention standards (during installation).
  • To act as a facilitator between Members by providing a platform for the exchange of information relating to fire prevention and safety.
  • To enhance the image of Member fire protection companies through press releases and technical factsheets; and to maintain a dynamic information exchange through e-mail alerts.